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Oast   2018 Meat Evenings
7.30 - 9.30pm at Cherry Tree Farm

Friday 27th April
Friday 22nd June
Friday 21st September
Friday 23rd November

2018 Cranbrook Farmers' Market
9.30am - 1pm at the Vestry Hall, Cranbrook

Saturday 27th January
Saturday 24th February
Saturday 24th March
Saturday 28th April
Saturday 26th May
Saturday 23rd June
Saturday 28th July
Saturday 25th August
Saturday 22nd September
Saturday 27th October
Saturday 24th November
Saturday 22nd December

We always have stock in our freezers, so if you decide to have a last minute barbeque
or Sunday roast, just give us a ring and we can undoubtedly provide you with what you need.

One of twin calves born spring 2013 Pet Kune Kune pigs - Bell & Jo
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